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Ayurvedic Treatment For Heart Valve Problems

The valves have very important role and these valves prevent back flow of blood during pumping of heart. When these valves are not fully functional or there is stenosis in valves then back flow of blood occurs results in insufficient blood supply to different body parts and to heart itself.

The only permanent and complete treatment available for stenosed mitral valves is surgical repair or replacement of valves. So we recommend you to consult your cardiologist for appropriate treatment. Till you are waiting for operation take package for heart problems to strengthen your heart and increasing functional cardiac output. Take low salt and low fat diet. Increase water intake.

Valves of heart are very necessary to keep the blood pumping function of heart going smoothly. These valves prevent back flow of blood while heart muscles contract and forces blood to pass in major blood vessels of body. So healthy valve function is necessary and if valves are not working efficiently, we recommend you to please go for valve replacement by surgery.

This is very important for the life of patient. Medicines have very little role let for this patient. He should undergo heart surgery first and then look for the treatment of paralysis. Paralysis can be cured with ayurvedic medicines and panchkarma therapy. Divya vrihat vata chintamani rasa is very effective in paralysis problem. But the emergency is for heart problem, so go for the treatment of heart problem first.

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