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Brain Cancer Treatment & Causes

Everyone has brain. It is the central of the all nerves system in our body. The brain regulates anything by giving command to the nerves system. Brain is formed from protein and also millions nerves system. On the brain there are also million tiny blood vessels that supply oxygen and also nutrition. Brain, although it is the most important part our body is not free from disease. There are many diseases that infect brain such as cancer. Brain cancer is the deadliest killer.It is not rare to see a near-miss and a cell phone talker being at the helm of one of the vehicles. A rule of thumb is to always lookout for drivers on their phones. Make sure the horn works on the vehicle being driven because it may be needed at moment’s notice. Accidents are common among people who talk on their phones and drive at the same time, but is this the only threat cell phone use pose on human health? No! Not according to a National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) study.

Doctor’s ask me what is going on with my family’s health. I answer “I don’t know – I’m in perfect health- no disease’s – nothing”. The only thing I did different was a Preventative Health plan I started with Poly-MVA. I started taking Poly-MVA because it was helping my brothers with their cancer which 2 out of the 3 are in remission and my other brother with the pancreatic cancer is surprising his doctors with how good he’s doing. I was always pro-active when it came to my health from eating right to exercise and nutritional supplements.Then the body increases the viscosity or thickness of the blood and lymph so they can handle more waste products. There can be additional mucous generated, and an increased amount of flow of bodily fluids. At this point, you don’t want to take medicine to dry things up! In fact, you want to go in the opposite direction when the case is as urgent as Sarah’s. Fortunately, her family was so committed to pursuing a natural cure for her brain cancer cure that this was not an issue.

Radiation treatment is used in conjunction with surgery or alone when the brain cancer cannot be surgically removed. Survival using radiation increased ten fold for patients with malignant tumors and tends to pro long life in patients with any low-grade gliomas. External-beam radiation is the most common form of radiation treatment used in the treatment of brain cancer delivering radiation from the outside of the body.When we are talking on the phone, the radiation coming from the device is actually absorbed by the brain. This makes the permeability of the blood brain barrier higher. Besides, the synthesis of stress proteins also soars. There was a number of different studies conducted that proved that there is definitely a very clear link between the usage of mobile phones and the increase of people suffering from brain tumors. Even though no exact conclusions can be drawn, the fact that cell phones increase the risk of having cancer is very obvious.

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